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Kill Odor with Aquapure™

Hubbard-Hall  introduces Aquapure™ BIO, a new line of odor killing, bioaugmentation products for wastewater treatment. The BIO blends are broad spectrum and designed to degrade most industrial wastes through biological activity. These blends can save time and money as it lessens the pump out demand. The formulations will enhance the control and removal of: biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), Total Dissolved Solids (TSS), Odor, Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG), ammonia removal, sulfide and mercaptan reduction.

Several varieties are available for various applications and industries. Aquapure™ BIO 20 is designed for metal plating and finishing facilities, petrochemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical, steel mills and wastewater treatment plants. Aquapure™ BIO 52L is designed for odor control during truck washes, as well as odor control in municipal and industrial collection systems or primary clarifiers. This product should be applied in tandem with Aquapure™ BIO 20. Aquapure™ BIO 60 is effective at controlling fat, oils and grease in grease traps, food processing facilities, city collection systems and wet wells.

More information on these products as well as other Aquapure™ BIO products available here.