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Keeping the customer satisfied: The Hubbard-Hall approach

The Business of Ensuring Customer Satisfaction Never Ends

Our ISO9001 Quality Management System is purpose-built to meet – and, whenever possible, exceed – our customers’ expectations. Rather than wait for issues to arise, it sets forth pre-emptive procedures for achieving continuous and measurable improvement.

Get me the President!

Our Corrective and Preventive Action (CAR) program documents every customer complaint – even those that may not quite rise to the level of complaint. However a CAR is initiated, either by a customer or written internally, communication is the order of the day. The customer’s sales representative is notified and the customer receives a letter with a copy of the report, a letter which is also sent to our company’s president. Andrew K. Skipp will follow up with a particular customer by phone to ensure his or her satisfaction.

How are we doing?

Hubbard-Hall conducts semiannual 3rd-party surveys with more a hundred customers to get feedback on our performance so we can make improvements.

Thanks for taking our call.

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why our monthly random customer satisfaction phone calls are limited to four questions. Not to brag, but here we often get compliments regarding Hubbard-Hall employees – as well as general departments – which we’re quick to pass on in recognition of a job well-done.

Customers, speak!

We are eager to hear from you about how you have improved your customers’ buying experience. Drop us an email at and we may feature it in upcoming communication.