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Is the Solution Part of the Problem?

Aquapure BS-4 Offers a Wastewater Clarification Solution

Finding a solution for one wastewater issue without considering the whole process can often present a new set of problems, resulting in additional stress and the need for more resources.

Is your wastewater system is inconsistent, temperamental or prone to upsets?

If your wastewater system is inconsistent, temperamental or prone to upsets, Hubbard-Hall offers a finely tuned coagulant designed to offer clarification and liquid/solid separation while having a low impact on the wastewater pH. Aquapure™ BS-4 offers a high rate of destabilization resulting in particles settling quickly, without the need of re-adjusting the pH.

Because Aquapure BS-4 minimized the amount of sludge and is highly effective at lower doses than ferric or lime coagulants, it’s an economical solution for a variety of industries.

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