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“I Can See Clearly Now…The Haze is Gone…”

Why is my wastewater cloudy? (Does that sound familiar?)

Our technical experts answer this question frequently and once we identify the problem by performing jar tests, we have a solution.

Based on our years of experience we have identified the top 4 reasons for hazy wastewater:

  • Oil emulsified in the wastewater: By lowering the pH to 2.5, the free oil will rise to the surface for easy skimming.
  • The surfactants that cleaned your parts have concentrated in the wastewater: Add a coagulant, like Aquapure™ I-300 or DW-28 and adjust the wastewater to a pH of 9 with caustic soda. If metals are a problem, using a precipitant like Aquapure T-900 and flocculant such as Aquapure AN clear should do the trick.
  • Complexers in the wastewater combined with surfactants: The addition of a calcium based coagulant, like Aquapure EB or lime after acidification can clear the haze.

The number one reason your wastewater is cloudy is:

  • BACTERIA in the water: which can also create a stink (literally). To kick the bacteria, reduce the amount of sulfides with an Aquapure Bio product, like Bio 52L

For more information on these or any other wastewater treatment solutions please contact us.