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What do nerf guns, casinos and go kart racing have in common?

They all featured at Hubbard-Hall’s annual sales meeting!

Every year Hubbard-Hall’s sales, technical and management team congregate in Connecticut for the annual sales meeting.  Product training and learning new skills was the focus for this year’s meeting all in an effort to ensure the team can provide quality speed of response at the tank-side to customers.

Our new Directors of Sales, Robert Messore and Scott Papst provided a new twist this year for our annual sales meeting which included 3 days of product training, improving our listening skills and networking with some of our valued distributors. We were privileged to have distributors representing several key US markets, including, Techmatic, from Tennessee, East Coast Electronic Material Supply, from New Hampshire, Seacole from Minnesota and our newest partner, Pochteca, from Mexico! In addition to our traditional golf outing, participants spent a few hours competitive go-kart racing or visiting a local vineyard.

 Golf, Go-Kart Racing & Vineyard Outing:



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