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Say Hi, I’m New

As July comes to a close, we have borrowed a tradition from Major League Baseball; filling important positions for sustainable growth. Joining our team we added a Sales Representative based in North Carolina and Virginia, a Tank Farm Scheduler and an Accounts Payable Representative who are both located in our Waterbury, CT headquarters. Get to know Scott Thompson, Chris Bentley and Kendra Brightman by reading below.

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson is our Sales Representative for North Carolina and Virginia.

Scott Thompson is our Sales Representative for North Carolina and Virginia.

Scott Thompson joined Hubbard-Hall as a Sales Representative for North Carolina and Virginia this month. He has worked at Chemcentral, Univar, Nanoscale Corporation and ADT, accumulating over 20 years of sales experience. Scott has never seen himself as a Sales Representative. He believes he is a Solutions Consultant.

Scott earned his BS degree from Oregon State University, where he played football. Scott went back to College where he received his MS in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University while he raised three children and worked a full time job.

Scott explained that his first couple of weeks went very well at Hubbard-Hall and that he was impressed with how warm he was welcomed after receiving an email from just about everyone. He compared the team at Hubbard-Hall to a family. We asked Scott what he is most excited about with starting his new job at Hubbard-Hall. He followed with voicing how much he loves that the employees are very close and that everyone genuinely cares about each other. Scott is motivated to grow with the company and looks forward to all that he will absorb here at Hubbard-Hall. “I am pretty sure this will be the last company I work for.”


Chris Bentley is our Tank Farm Scheduler.

Chris Bentley

Chris Bentley joins Hubbard-Hall as a Tank Farm Scheduler in our Waterbury, CT location. He has over 17 years of experience as a Scheduler and IT Manager after working at Current Controls in Wellsville, NY. As a Tank Farm Scheduler, Chris will be responsible for coordinating and planning the production schedule.

We asked Chris for a fun fact about himself. He said, “Many people do not know that I played college basketball for Alfred State College in Upstate New York at the ages of 25 and 26. The team went to nationals and completed the season 23-6 overall.”

Chris is being trained by Andrew Skipp Jr. and Chris “couldn’t have asked for someone better” to train him. “He has been patient with me learning the new software and overall is just a very nice guy,” says Chris. One thing that stood out to Chris is how welcoming everyone has been since his start. “Everyone within Hubbard-Hall has been overwhelmingly supportive.”


Kendra Brightman is our Accounts Payable Representative.

Kendra Brightman

Kendra Brightman joined Hubbard-Hall in July as our Accounts Payable Representative. Kendra has over 13 years of experience in Accounts Payable and Receivable. She previously worked at Insurance Programmers as a Bookkeeper. Kendra has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Central Connecticut State University.

We asked Kendra what she thinks of Hubbard-Hall so far. “From the moment I walked out of my interview, I knew this was the right place for me,” said Kendra. She continued to express how welcoming and supportive everyone has been since she started. “It is such a breath of fresh air. Very rarely do you find such a close knit company that is successful and so long standing.” Kendra is looking forward to all she has to learn here and is confident that her department will guide her in the right direction


We wish Scott, Chris and Kendra the best and are pleased to have them as a part of our team at Hubbard-Hall.