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Hubbard-Hall In Your Home: The Closet

Who would ever have predicted that the lowly denim jean, aka dungarees, would become a high fashion item? With jeans selling for $200 a pair in some department stores, you better pay attention to the details. Pull out your favorite pair – high end or low slung – and notice the “antique” finish on the copper rivets at the pockets of your jeans. Chances are, those rivets were oxidized with Hubbard-Hall’s Mi-Tique® 1791 or Black Magic™ CBL, an extremely popular antiquing solution for a range of brown finishes.

Both products are from Hubbard-Hall’s line of specialty coloring agents. Ironic as it sounds, our chemists love finding ways to make new things look old, be it a rivet, a button or maybe the door handle from which hangs your favorite pair of jeans.