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Hubbard-Hall in your home: Spring Cleaning (May 2011)

While we may not believe it with the weather we have been experiencing in New England, spring is upon us which means it is time for spring cleaning!

Whether you have an old vacuum or a new one with all the bells and whistles, Hubbard Hall plays a role in preparing metal surfaces such nozzles and tubing for chrome plating or aluminum anodizing. If it’s chrome plating, Hubbard Hall’s Aquaease™ SL 917 and Aquaease™ E 9091 may have been used to clean the surface to insure a bright shiny finish. If your vacuum has any anodized aluminum parts, Aquaease™ SL 80, Extend Etch, and Deoxidizer 13 L may have been used. These products help produce finishes that keep your vacuum shining no matter what the vacuum is picking up in your house.