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Hubbard-Hall in Your Home: Here Comes the Sun

Increased interest in solar power has Hubbard-Hall customers ramping up production to meet ever increasing demand for solar panels.

Here’s Where You Can Find Us On Your Roof

Solar Cell

This is the first element in a solar panel. Production requires high purity (electronic grade) process chemicals, specialty glass detergents and semi grade solvents for other cleaning applications. Solar cell manufacturers also use polyaluminum chlorides (PACs) for water treatment, and sodium sulfide blends for scrubber systems. Both of the latter products are sold under the Aquapure trade name.

Solar Panel Frame

Manufacturers looking for a smooth, black finish on aluminum frames use Black Magic RTA-3. This black oxide conversion coating is easier to apply and longer lasting than other methods used to blacken frames. Unlike anodizing, the color won’t fade over time. In addition, the Black Magic coating offers excellent absorptivity and emissivity properties and may aid in the collection of UV rays.

Solar Heat Transfer Fluid

To protect your system, use a heat transfer fluid specifically designed for solar panels, like Antifrogen® SOL HT.