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Hubbard-Hall In Your Home

Featured Room: Kitchen

  • Silverware drawer: Those shiny forks, knives and serving trays are plated by a Hubbard-Hall customer using a range of chemistries, including Laser P for peroxide brightening, and Aquapure™ P 601, a flocculant used at the end of the line for waste water treatment. Should your silverware be a more adventurous, cool-coated black, our Black Magic™ SS (hot black oxide conversion coating) created that unique patina.
  • Tableclothes and napkins: Are they extra white and super clean? If so, they must have been processed by our linen supply customer who uses Peroxy Green (low percent stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide) for cleaning and stain removal.
  • Water: Does your sink water come through a faucet guaranteed to be lead free? You can thank our customer and Hubbard-Hall’s Stainless Steel Brite Dip, which removes lead.