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Hubbard-Hall Goes Coast To Coast With Heat Treat Salts & Service


Waterbury, CT – Hubbard-Hall is pleased to announce additional capacity for heat treat salts and corresponding services, effective immediately. “As a result of a consolidation of suppliers over the years, customers have been seeking alternative sources that can focus on producing a high quality product with reliable delivery and responsiveness to their needs. We have aligned our resources to meet this need” said Director of Sales Scott Papst.

Heat treat salts, also known as heat transfer salts, are used in plain carbon and alloy heat treatments, such as austempering, martempering and annealing of steel. Heat treat salts are also utilized to cure extruded and molded rubber, along with additional applications including thermal storage in the solar, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.

Hubbard-Hall operates three facilities on the North American East Coast and works through numerous national and international distributors to serve its customers around the world.

Hubbard-Hall expands its supply position to meet market demand with over 75 years’ experience in supplying rubber curers and heat treaters alike on the North American East Coast with a full heat treat salt product line.

As a 3rd party ISO 9001:2008 certified and Lean accredited company, Hubbard-Hall provides quantifiable product consistency and on-time delivery by committing to on-site manufacturing at its Connecticut and South Carolina plants. As well as engaging a dedicated technical team to improve formulations and provide tank-side technical service.

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