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How do we rev your engine?

Here is a before and after example of a remanufactured engine oil pump.

Here is a before and after example of a remanufactured engine oil pump.

Get your mind out of the gutter and over to remanufactured engines. At Hubbard-Hall we help customers who remanufacture all sorts of engines.

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is a standardized industrial process by which previously sold, worn or non-functional products are returned to same-as-new, or better, condition and performance. The process incorporates technical specifications, including engineering, quality, and testing standards to yield fully warranted products.

How do we help remanufacture engines?

Here is an example of what products a remanufacturing customer of Hubbard-Hall’s uses at three different points in their engine reman process:

  1. For cleaning the parts they use a mildly alkaline, low-foaming cleaner, Aquaease PL 714. When deciding on a cleaner the customer required it to easily split engine oils, reduce scale buildup in washer and to be used at a lower temperature
  2. They use our aqueous paint stripper, Aquastrip ACB, to strip paint from engine parts. This product is perfect for their remanufacturing process as it is effective on multiple alloys and also has an excellent bath life.
  3. To prevent flash rust our rust preventive, Metal Guard 830, is used in the process rinses. This water-soluble corrosion inhibitor is effective on more porous metal parts.

Remanufacturing is the ultimate in sustainability. The 3 most compelling reasons that remanufacturing makes sense are:

1. Environmental – Provides a significant reduction in landfill waste and CO2 emissions. In addition to the conservation of energy and natural resources.
2. Performance – Products that are remanufactured to exacting specifications are safe, reliable and often are upgraded from their original design providing better than new quality.
3. Economic – Remanufacturing keeps manufacturing jobs close to home, providing a direct benefit to the local community.

We are proud to be a member of the Motor and Equipment Remanufacturing Association (MERA) and are committed to enhancing the value of our customers.