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High Pressure Precision Cleaner

High pressure cleaning of finished surfaces, like those of bearing parts, fuel injectors and deep drawn cans, require precise cleaning that doesn’t leave a residue or create unwanted foam. Aquaease™ PL 732, one of the many aqueous cleaners offered by Hubbard-Hall, is a caustic and solvent free mildly alkaline cleaner that is safe for use on a variety of metal substrates. The lack of residue, combined with its free rinsing properties make Aquaease PL 732 the ideal choice for cleaning prior and after heat treating operations.

This liquid cleaner can be used in all types of power spray machines including monorail conveyors, continuous belt, spiral or cabinet washers. In fact, this robust cleaning chemistry can also be used in immersion and ultrasonic cleaning applications. Aquaease PL 732 is designed to split out oils, so they may be removed from the cleaning system to extend the cleaners bath life. The Aquaeae PL 732 contains a biodegradable surfactant system and is chelator free making this cleaner easily waste treatable.