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Go Strong, Not Sulfuric

Highly Effective Acid Cleaning and Brightener Without Sulfuric or Citric Acids

When a strong acid cleaner is your best option for maximum cleanliness, you’ll want to consider safety and the complexity of your metal when choosing a product. Sulfuric acid can be an effective cleaner but some manufacturers avoid it because of its potential hazards.Citric acid is also very effective but is a notorious enemy of waste water treatment systems.

Aquaease 2289, the Ideal Combination

Avoid the headaches and the harsh acids with Hubbard-Hall’s Aquaease 2289, which offers the ideal combination: heavy duty and highly effective acid cleaning without sulfuric or citric acids. Used in ultrasonic or spray cleaning operations, Aquaease 2289 may be used on aluminum, stainless steel, monel and other high nickel alloys. Lubricants, oils and light rust are easily removed with DfE (EPA’s Designed for the Environment) acceptable surfactants.

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