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Formulated Solutions or Basic Chemistry?

Aquapure™ Products Offer Time and Labor Saving Solutions

Traditionally, industrial wastewater treatment consisted of basic commodity chemistry, requiring the addition of individual components in bags or pails which take significant time and labor to move around and lug up to the EQ tank. While the price per pound may be less, using a basic commodity might not be the best or most cost effective option.

Hubbard-Hall’s Aquapure™ products offer time and labor saving solutions through combining organic and inorganic components into functional – formulated specialty products to meet your needs. Aquapure offers several advantages over the raw chemical components:

  • Better co-precipitation of heavy metals
  • Better clarity through quicker settling of solids and lower dosing
  • Ease of use and metering with liquid formulations
  • Less labor required: no lugging bags and less operator time needed
  • Hubbard-Hall technical service and expertise

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