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Finishes for Pewter

One of the more underutilized finishes is a black antique on tin and pewter. It can be left all black or relieved back to a gray with black inlay. Unlike the pewter throughout history, modern pewter is lead free and tarnishes at a slower rate. But with most metallic objects any details are unnoticed by the eye unless there are contrasts of dark and light. Pewter or tin ornaments and decorative objects just look better with a little tarnish in the recesses.

Another use for the tin blackening chemistry is to darken the tin solder used to make replicas of antique pieces. You can put on a very nice copper or brass antique finish, but the solder lines are still bright. Darkening the solder then the brass will give a more natural aged look. Hubbard Hall produces two finishes for tin pewter. Both are Selenium free. Ultrex SO gives a more gray color with easy removal and Mi-Tique® 1795 gives a more black adherent color.