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“Face & Voice of Hubbard-Hall.”

Marge Hart Retires After 30 Years

When Chuck Kellogg asked Marge to come to work for Hubbard-Hall, her first question was, “What will I do?” As the years unfolded, a more appropriate question became “What didn’t she do?”

25 Hubbard-Hall Company Picnics, 125 Children’s Games, 800 Hot Dogs……..Smiling faces all around!

Marge made a significant contribution to Hubbard-Hall holding many substantial positions, including:

  • Manager of Advertising and Public Affairs
  • Manager of Environmental Affairs
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Director of Administration and Customer Service
  • Assistant Corporate Secretary
The face and the voice of Hubbard-Hall… Marge is dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy, generous and ethical beyond reproach.

Andrew K. Skipp, President & CEO

Marge was, in fact, the “face and the voice” of Hubbard-Hall. In the words of Andrew K. Skipp, President & CEO, “Marge is dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy, generous and ethical beyond reproach.”

Marge effectively balanced the needs of the company along with the needs of Hubbard-Hall associates. Evan Hunter, Tank Farm Union Steward, summed it up when he said, “We love you Marge, and we are going to miss you!”

And from the Customer Service Department comes this: “We feel honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to work for Marge. She was a great boss. She always had our best interests in mind. We will miss her bubbly personality. “

We wish Marge a very happy and fulfilling retirement

Although Marge has retired from full-time work, we will still see her as she has been contracted to continue her work on a number of environmental projects – including the construction of the new flammable storage building. Outside of Hubbard-Hall, Marge remains to be involved on the Board of LISA (Living in Safe Alternatives), Inc. and a member of the Development and Outreach Committee of the Connecticut Community Foundation.

We wish Marge a very happy and fulfilling retirement. We know that she will continue to positively touch the lives of all those she comes in contact with just as she has touched our lives.

That is just the way Marge is.