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Odor can occur in places like your wastewater system, air scrubbers, evaporators, pump stations, force mains holding, equalization tanks and basins.

Our Aquapure product line offer a range of odor control products that can help you get rid of any odor issues you are having. Below is a table reviewing three of our Aquapure odor control products:

Aquapure 52L Aquapure Odor Zap Aquapure Aquapucks

  • Typical Applications:
    (Aqueous wastewater): collection systems, wet wells, pump stations, force mains and lagoons.
  • Proactive/preventative approach.
  • Utilizes cationic chemistry.
  • Inorganic.
  • Consists of nitrate compounds specific to bond strengths of nitrogen & oxygen; the rotten egg smell associated with sulfur gas will disappear.
  •  Longer retention time applications and lower influent sulfide concentrations are ideally suited for this product.
  • Can be applied to water.
  • Typical Applications:
    (Misting & Fogging): air scrubbers, evaporators and belt & filter presses.
  • Proactive approach.
  • Controls odors associated with reduced sulfur compounds.
  • Not an oxidizer.
  • Utilizes cationic chemistry.
  • Organic, non-hazardous.
  • Bonds the active counteractants of Odor Zap to the sulfur in hydrogen sulfide.
  • Shorter retention time applications and higher initial sulfide concentrations are ideally suited for this product.
  • Can be applied to air, water, and sludge.
  • Typical Applications:
    (Aqueous wastewater): wastewater lift stations, wet wells, distribution & junction boxes, holding or equalization tanks and basins.
  • Proactive approach, easy to use tablet.
  • Controls odors associated with reduced sulfur compounds, fatty acids and nitrogen compounds.
  • Ideally suited to pre-treat wastewater transported distances before entering standard treatment processes.
  • Can only be applied to water.

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