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Environmentally Friendly Alternative Offers Additional Benefits

A major International Die manufacturer for the printing and paper cutting Industry was using a Hubbard-Hall steel etch product called Laser Fe, followed by SR post dip and then finally electroless Nickel.

Prior to the Laser Fe, the customer traditionally used a 5% sulfuric acid pre dip which has a very short life and had to be discarded every 1 or 2 days. After reviewing the process, Hubbard-Hall Sales Director Robert Gardner suggested Emerald Acid Clean #1, an environmentally friendly alternative. Emerald Acid Clean would most likely have a longer life and also provide longer corrosion resistance than sulfuric acid because it leaves an organic acid on the surface.

Emerald Acid Clean was first tested at the customer’s facility in the US, and is now in production in a few other countries. The customer is delighted with the product as they do not have to discard as frequently, saving process time and money.