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Drum to a Green Beat

A Creative Way to Recycle Non-Hazardous Empty Drums

The 55 plastic gallon drum is a simple, easy and often economical way to purchase and transport a variety of chemicals. But many of our customers want to know: what do you do with it once it’s empty? Drums must comply with local regulations for disposal. If you are not required to send them back to your vendor, drums that carried non-hazardous materials may be used for other recycling programs.

When a Hubbard-Hall Dowfrost customer in Florida contacted us about his 50 or so empty plastic drums on site, we contacted their local utility and waste department. As it turns out, the University of Florida in Martin County was looking for a way to capture rain water and the empty, non-hazardous drums were a perfect tool for that task. Because water is such a valuable commodity in the hot southeast, they don’t waste it. The school immediately made arrangements to pick up the drums; it was a perfect, GREEN idea.