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DfE Recommends Hubbard-Hall Products; Enters Partnership Agreement

Hubbard-Hall and the U.S. Environmental Protection agency recently formed a partnership agreement under the Design for the Environment Program (DfE), an initiative for safer chemical use: “The basic goal of the initiative is to seek and promote innovative chemical products, technologies and practices that benefit human health and the environment” (US Environmental Protection Agency).

The purpose of the DfE is to recognize and encourage chemical formulations that are more environmentally friendly. Hubbard-Hall’s general purpose cleaners Emerald HD and Emerald HD2 have not only received rave reviews from customers, but has also been recognized by the DfE for offering improved health and environmental characteristics by containing no phosphates, hazardous solvents or harmful surfactants.

This recognition demonstrates Hubbard-Hall’s focus on creating and providing safer chemicals for a variety of industries. Chemical manufacturers and formulators have the ability to act responsibly as described in the Statement of Context and Challenge from the US Environmental Protection Agency: “Each year, commercial formulators use billions of pounds in chemical ingredients to make a wide variety of general purpose cleaning and floor care products…EPA believes that cleaning and floor care products can improve the environmental and health profile of their products by using ingredients that are inherently less toxic, less environmentally persistent, less bioaccumulative and that degrade to substances with similar desirable characteristics when compared to ingredients in some conventional formulations…EPA believes that conventional cleaning and floor care formulations, especially those for industrial/institutional use, may rely on certain ingredients whose environmental and human health profiles can be improved”.