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Control Foam Before it Controls your Process

Evaluating the best cleaning chemistry for your process can be difficult. Often what makes the chemistry work well is the foaming action of the surfactants. However too much of a good thing can quickly become a process nightmare. Not only is excessive foaming a nuisance, but it can affect other areas of your process and create potential safety hazards that can reduce or eliminate any operating efficiency.

In-process foam can re-deposit solutions and contaminants back onto the parts, impairing the final finish. Excessive foam can build-up quickly and can carry over into other cleaner or rinse tanks or even on the floor making for unsafe working conditions. In wastewater, excessive foam can falsely trigger high water level indicators thus creating additional delays on the line.

Adding a defoamer can help control or suppress foam before it becomes a problem. Aquapure™ DF-P, a versatile, non-silicone defoamer, is an exceptional solution for controlling foam with in-process chemistry and wastewater treatment chemicals. Aquapure DF-P is water miscible and will maintain defoaming properties during operations. With a pleasant odor, the convenient, easy to use liquid formula can be diluted for continuous feed or poured directly into the tank.

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