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Connecticut Aims to Streamline Permitting Process

In an effort to streamline the permitting process in Connecticut, Governor Rell signed the House Bill 5208 on June 11th. The goal of this bill, as stated by Rell, is “to meet tighter deadlines for action on projects that are important to our state and its economy…keeping and growing jobs while maintaining our environmental standards.”

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) website has a new feature to provide information on the permit process. The website contains information about the new law, its requirements and a list of public meetings to be held to get information. DEP is looking at 25 permit programs including air, water and hazardous waste permits.

Bill 5208 creates an Office of Permit Ombudsman within the Department of Economic and Community Development to help companies seeking permits from the departments of Environmental Protection, Public Health and Transportation. The bill automatically extends any general permit beyond its original expiration date, provided that DEP has already proposed a permit renewal.