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Eliminate Several Wastewater Issues at Once with Aquapure™ I-107

  • Odor?
  • Complex metals?
  • Other wastewater problems?

Hubbard-Hall has developed a product with a blend of coagulants designed to eliminate several wastewater issues at once.

Aquapure™ I-107 is a versatile, iron based liquid coagulant that can co-precipitate divalent metals and will reduce hexavalent chrome to safer trivalent. Aquapure I-107 defines value as a cost effective treatment for controlling odor, corrosion and for reducing excess phosphates. The addition of Aquapure I-107 allows for faster settling producing a cleaner effluent and eliminates the carryover of aluminum.

Aquapure I-107 is available in drums and totes with no minimum order necessary. Contact us for more information.