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Break out the Balloons: Wishing our Chairman a Happy 85th Birthday


When Hubbard-Hall Chairman Chuck Kellogg turned 80, he said was going to slow down. Whereas some might think that meant retirement, he meant that he would change his start time, coming in at 8:30 instead of 8 AM every day.

At 85, he still pulls in by 8:30 and – avoiding the elevator –  climbs the 28 stairs to his second floor office. He only takes the elevator on the way down.

On Monday, the Hubbard-Hall team turned out for a surprise birthday for Chuck, gathering under the guise of a safety breakfast with Dottie’s Donuts. After a rendition of Happy Birthday, Chuck’s daughter Molly Kellogg, CEO and President, said the following:

“I can’t tell you how proud I am to be Chuck’s daughter. In any business setting, people make a point to tell me how much they admire my father. They speak of his leadership in the community and his stewardship within the chemical industry. I am fortunate to stand in his shadow and to have his reputation shine a light forward.

“My father is a model of character, integrity and humility. On a single day a few months ago, I saw a remarkable demonstration of all of this.

“First, I overheard a call he made to an old friend, expressing support for his family amidst bad publicity.   Later, a co-worker showed me a handwritten note sent during a difficult period 24 years ago – it was mailed to his home and signed ‘your friend, Chuck.’ And in the evening, a man approached us as we were having dinner at a restaurant and thanked my father for reaching out when he was going through a hard time professionally. The man said, ‘You were one of the few people who called me and I’m sorry I never acknowledged it. It meant a lot and I just wanted to say thank you.’

“Though our company is 167 years old, my father essentially rebuilt it in the 1970s. Whereas he worried about making payroll 40 years ago, today we have the luxury of deciding whether to put new blending equipment into Waterbury or Inman…or perhaps both! He built an incredibly solid company, with the financial strength to ride out economic downturns and the internal capabilities to seize market opportunities.

chuck-halloween-3With great affection, I wish a Happy Birthday to my father – a man whose grace and gentle good humor I admire deeply.”

There was rousing applause for Chuck, who made a brief speech before heading to the YMCA for his lunch time workout.

Join us in wishing Chuck a happy birthday by sending him a birthday message here.