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Blackening Stainless in Various Markets

The process of blackening stainless steel can be found in several markets. Within the military market, the Mil DTL 13924 D class 4 is quoted frequently even for non-military items since it is one of the few specs on the process. When attempting to meet the Mil Spec there are a lot of criteria to consider for salt spray, etc. It is important to test the parts alloy to see if it will meet all of the Mil Spec criteria with our Black Magic SS and Black Magic SSL.

Trends in the decorative market, including stainless steel appliances, are reflected in the accessories such as cabinet knobs. After the blackening process, the color can be highlighted or worn back to leave the black in the recesses that will create an antiqued finish. Signage and lettering is another use for blackened stainless. The cold black from our Black Magic RT SS4 can produce more decorative blue/black tones and mottling.