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Better, Safer, Faster: An Alternative to Iron Phosphate

Phosphate conversion coatings are a necessary step for a consistent painted surface to resist corrosion and improve paint adhesion. While traditional iron phosphates are very effective, there are drawbacks like environmental impacts and complicated wastewater treatment.

Hubbard-Hall introduces a cost effective, low temperature zirconium based conversion coatings that replaces iron phosphate solutions with several added benefits. The Emerald Paint-Prep product line provides increased corrosion resistance with no regulated heavy metals and zero phosphates. The environmental benefits of our new sustainable Emerald Paint Prep include less sludge to be waste treated and a reduced carbon footprint from less energy required at lower operating temperatures.

The economic benefits can’t be overlooked either; no regulated heavy metals and much less sludge, means easier wastewater treatment and less expense. Less scale, low foaming, lower operating temperatures, and less waste means less equipment and spray nozzle maintenance, and less frequent tank dumping, all of which lowers total operating costs and improves efficiency and productivity.

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