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Better, Safer, Faster: A NEW Alternative to Hydrochloric Acid

Emerald Safe Acid, the latest product from the Emerald line of environmentally friendly products, is now available. This specialty blend of a low pH organic salt is designed to provide the acidity of hydrochloric acid while exhibiting significantly reduced corrosiveness to skin and ferrous substrates. Emerald Safe Acid is safer to use than hydrochloric acid and should be evaluated for use in cleaning, deoxidizing, and de-scaling applications. It is non-fuming and not considered corrosive for transportation purposes by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Emerald Safe Acid removes calcium carbonate 50-80% more effectively than phosphoric, citric and glycolic acids and is safe on most metals. This effectiveness on calcium carbonate make the Emerald Safe Acid the product of choice in applications such as de-scaling of boilers, evaporators, steam coils, and paper making equipment. Emerald Safe Acid would also be very effective in the clean-up of concrete trucks and equipment.

Emerald Safe Acid is also very effective in de-rusting ferrous alloys when compared to other non-corrosive options. With a minimal base metal attack to ferrous metals, Emerald Safe Acid removes rust significantly faster than citric acid and neutral pH based products.

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