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Becoming a Non-Phosphate Convert

When a commercial metal furnishings manufacturer was approached by their local water treatment authority and told they would soon be regulated on molybdenum in their discharge, finding an alternative became a priority.

Prior to powder coating, the metal parts would go through a manual pre-treatment cleaning and phosphate process using a molybdenum based iron phosphate at 3% by volume. The cleaner was a Caustic, Potash and a mixed phosphate blend. They use pressurized spray wands and high pressure and temperature steam jenny to spray parts made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

After researching online, the company came across Hubbard-Hall and our new Emerald Paint-Prep, a phosphate free alternative. After contacting Hubbard-Hall and stressing the importance of safety, ease of use and effectiveness, Sales Manager Bob Mack got to work. He introduced Emerald Paint-Prep 389 NP, a molybdenum and phosphate free, conversion coating with superior paint and powder coat adhesion over their basic iron phosphates. Emerald Paint Prep 389 NP was added in the same manner with the steam jenny set at 3%.

Overall, the product was very effective, cost efficient and provided a safer alternative for their operation. Now a customer of Hubbard-Hall, this manufacturer is pleased with the results and service and is looking into additional Hubbard-Hall solutions in their manufacturing process.