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Becoming a Lean and Green Leader

Hubbard-Hall President and CEO Andrew Skipp Completes Lean Leadership Certification Program

“A good leader must first be a good student; soaking up as much knowledge and experience through education, training, networking and benchmarking, that can be drawn upon to help guide and assist others to enjoy success” according to Fred Shamburg, President of Leanovations International. And that’s one of the many important qualities in a Lean Leader, which Hubbard-Hall’s President and CEO Andrew Skipp learned during the four day seminar for Lean Leadership Certification this past May.

The certification program, conducted at companies recognized as Lean Leaders in the State of Connecticut, is designed for professionals leading Lean initiatives for their organizations and consists of hands-on, simulation based exercises that present Lean concepts, principals, tools and techniques.

Upon graduating from the program, Shamburg shared some advice with Skipp and fellow members of the Leadership class:

As a Lean Leader, it is your responsibility to encourage and support the organizations growth strategy through engaging and empowering the employees.

Fred Shamburg, President of Leanovations International