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Associates Recognized in 2010

The end of the calendar year is not only a time to celebrate the holidays but often a chance to reflect on the year’s business and thank those who have contributed throughout the year. And 2010 was no exception. Several Hubbard-Hall Associates were recognized for outstanding contribution, top sales and years of service.

For outstanding contribution, those recognized by their peers and managers who went above and beyond the call of duty, the following Associated received an award for 2010: Nancy Aragones (IT), Lynn Burt (Accounting), Cathy Cable (Shipping/Receiving), Peg Chamberlain (Customer Service), Lydia DelCerro (Customer Service/Environmental), Scott Feda (IT), Dave Ingram (Warehouse), Rocco Jerome (Transportation), Henry McMillan (Customer Service), Linda Miele (Inventory/Purchasing), Bob Palombo (Shipping/Receiving), Scott Papst (Business Development), Walid Siman (Operations) and Dave Welch (Tank Farm).

The President’s Circle award, which is awarded annually to three members of the sales team with the highest sales contribution, were received by: Chris Carrozzo, Tom Mazzamaro and Robert Gardner.

In addition to the contribution and sales awards, several associates were recognized for years of service at Hubbard-Hall. Tony Sacco and Peg Chamberlin in West Springfield were both honored for 20 years. For 15 years: Evan Hunter and Beverly Thompson. Doug Patten and Kenneth Wilson; 10 years. And Vicky Cavallo, James Newman and Todd Way received the 5 year award.