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Aquastrip MPS – Hooks and Racks Paint Stripper

Aquastrip MPS - Hooks and Racks Paint StripperFinishers looking for a fast acting, free rinsing and versatile paint and powder stripper for their hooks and racks have found their answer with Hubbard-Hall’s newest coatings removal product, Aquastrip MPS.

This liquid paint stripper is used at temperatures ranging from 100°F to 180°F and is compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ensuring your aluminum hooks are safe. Aquastrip MPS is the number one choice for companies switching to in-line paint stripping, the newest trend in hook and rack stripping. One Hubbard-Hall customer switched to this in-line process and saw an annual savings of $330,000.


What else do you need to know about Aquastrip MPS?

  • Free of chlorinated solvents, phenols, and acids
  • Will not cause hydrogen embrittlement
  • Removes most coating in sheets
  • Contains non-hazardous solvents
  • No flash point
  • Biodegradable
  • Easily filtered for extended bath life
  • Does not contain Formic Acid
  • Can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Quickly removes most paint films