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Annual ISO Audit Complete

On Friday August 6, 2010, Hubbard-Hall successfully completed all of the annual surveillance audits and we are proud of our accomplishments and continuous improvements since our first ISO-9001 registration over 10 years ago. The 3rd party Auditor was impressed with many areas of operation and a renewed focus on the Corrective Action Report (CAR) process.

According to Jim Benning, Hubbard-Hall’s Director of Operations and ISO QMR (Quality Management Representative), “The Quality Policy begins with Hubbard-Hall’s commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations. The focus of Hubbard-Hall is to capture all customer’s requirements. If all this information is correct then we are in an ideal position to meet and exceed their expectations. Whenever we fail or miss an opportunity to improve, we depend on our CAR program to address this the first time.”