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An International Perspective, with Hubbard-Hall’s Britain Native Robert Gardner

After just about 10 years with Hubbard-Hall, International Sales Director Robert Gardner has been at the forefront of growing business opportunities outside the United States and Canada. Robert’s extensive experience and history in the manufacturing, and surface finishing industries has enabled Hubbard-Hall to be a chemical solutions provider to companies across the world.

Michelle Lineweber, Editor of ChemNotes, Recently Interviewed Robert to Discuss His Thoughts On Opportunities and Successes Within the Industry

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I have been in metal finishing industry for nearly 30 years, starting in technical/lab work and then going into sales. That led to a Sales management position in the UK and then Export Sales Manager working and traveling in a global role.

I followed this with a directorship as Divisional Sales and Marketing Director at an FTSE 100 company, simultaneously acting as the Managing Director of the UK’s largest subcontracting plating shop owned by the same group.

One of my personal achievements was being acknowledged for success in Export sales and attended a garden party at Buckingham palace to meet H.M. Queen Elizabeth.

Where have you seen the most success over the past 5-10 years?

At this time, China is clearly the focus and will remain so for some time. There are signs that some areas of South Asia are starting to take over the low cost manufacturing China once dominated.

In what countries do you see the greatest potential for growth in the Manufacturing Industry?

India and Brazil are experiencing explosive growth. Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia are also areas of growing opportunity.

International Manufacturing is expected to continue rising. What potential roadblocks or barriers (if any) do you anticipate?

Massive import duties make it very difficult to currently export to countries like India and Brazil. Stringent environmental and technical requirements in the European market will also guide the product opportunities in the European market.

Who does Hubbard-Hall serve in the international markets and what value-added solutions can you offer?

Our key export product lines are Black Magic™ blackening products, specialty pretreatment cleaners including Aquaease™, conversion coatings and our full range of Metal Guard® corrosion preventatives. Hubbard-Hall also offers niche products for the EV battery market which will have significant growth particularly in public transport sector including Laser, our chemical bright polish systems for steel and brass.

Hubbard Hall’s key products continue to grow in export markets and we will ensure we have a representative presence in any country that demands our highly technical product range.