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Adding up the Savings with Ultrex AS 11R

With prices rising in just about every industry, sometimes a simple product change in one or more of your processes can save you much more than just the chemical cost. A large company that manufactures and electro-plates electrical connectors made of primarily steel and copper, was using 800 pounds per week of a cleaner in their barrel plating line.. With the help of our distributor, North Industrial Chemicals, Hubbard-Hall’s Ultrex AS 11R was introduced as a replacement cleaner and granted a trial run in their line. The chemical cost of Ultrex AS 11R was approximately 8% less than what they were using.

After just over two weeks, the customer was very pleased with the results. In addition to the 8% chemical cost savings, the customer has experienced a doubling of the service life, as Ultrex AS 11R was a stronger concentration then their current product. Consumption decreased from 800 pounds per week to 800 pounds per month. Additional cost savings include fewer cleaner bath dumps, which limits down time and decreases waste treatment. The powerful cleaning system in Ultrex AS 11R eliminated the oil carry out, which keeps the 36 inch polypropylene barrels clean.

Being a multi shift operation, the line operators unanimously approve Ultrex AS 11R, which the customer has certified in their process operation. Ultrex AS 11R is a proven winner as the product was specifically formulated to process the typical heavily oiled small stamped and formed parts.

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