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A Visit Back In Time

Chuck Kellogg, CFO and Chairman of the Board at Hubbard-Hall recently visited the Apothecary Building in Waterbury, also known as 63 Bank Street, which is currently under renovation for downtown living spaces. The developer, Parag Mehta of PM Architecture in New York City, plans to convert the Apothecary into 12 luxury apartments by the end of this year.

The seven-story building constructed of marble, granite and Roman brick, was once home for Apothecaries Hall (now called Hubbard-Hall Inc.) and is at the V-intersection of South Main and Bank streets. It remains a valuable feature to the downtown area for its triangular, flatiron design. Mr. Kellogg, a fifth generation leader at Hubbard-Hall was joined by wife Martha Kellogg, Sister Judy Rowley and Niece Emily Skipp.