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A Success Story: Effectively Remove Solids from Wastewater in the Food Industry

As water purity becomes increasingly important, removing solids is one key step in achieving the goal of soil free water. Aquapure™ OB Plus is a concentrated coagulant used for clarification, solid/liquid separation and demulsifying oily waste in many applications. It uses a cationic charge to cluster precipitated matter and drop the mass out of solution and is effective at a variety of pH levels.

Hubbard-Hall recently achieved great success by helping a customer solve their problem with this formulated product. The customer, a company in the food industry, was having trouble treating high levels of total suspended solids (TSS) and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from their manufacturing process. They were using powdered lime and aluminum sulfate for treatment which requires additional labor and produces significant sludge with mediocre results. By initiating a new treatment using Aquapure™ OB Plus in conjunction with Aquapure™ SLA-30, the TSS and FOG were reduced by 90% in the trial run which was a great improvement over the previous process. The customer continues to have success with the product.