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A Little Black Magic

Providing a deep rich black finish on copper and copper alloys requires the right temperature, the right chemistry and a little magic; Black Magic™ CBL that is! The desired black finish on copper can be achieved with Black Magic CBL at temperatures up to 180°F and bronze can be given an attractive black finish in one step at 140°F to 150°F. The tin component within the bronze allows for a natural looking cupric (black) oxide to form. The cupric black has a crystalline nap or fuzz that grips paints and coatings very well. However, any touch will crush the nap down and the velvet appearance will disappear.

Bronze plated components will act similarly although care must be taken that there is no exposed zinc or aluminum surfaces that will react with the higher alkalinity.

Black Magic CBL will provide a durable, long lasting finish that can be relieved to give a worn or antique appearance on the bronze base. Preserving the desired color and finish can also be achieved with an oil rubbed or lacquered coating.

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