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A Fifty Year Journey with Tony Nardella

Executive Tony Nardella celebrates his 50th anniversary with Hubbard-Hall Inc.

On June 25th, among friends, family and colleagues, executive Tony Nardella celebrated his 50th anniversary with Hubbard-Hall Inc. In 1962, Tony joined Hubbard-Hall in Waterbury, CT as a part time inside salesperson and worked his way up the sales ladder into management. Within the last thirty years, Tony has held the positions of Vice President, Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer.

Respected by customers and colleagues, Tony inspired and mentored more than we could mention throughout his fifty year tenure at Hubbard-Hall:

Tony has been a true mentor to many of us at Hubbard-Hall. When I first started my uncle, Chuck Kellogg, asked in which part of the business I wanted to work? I said Distribution because Tony, at the time, was Sales Manager of that division. I saw Tony as a role model who was always willing to help, and someone I greatly admired. Tony is a tremendous contributor to Hubbard-Hall’s success. His knowledge of the business, his rapport with Customers, and his competitive nature make him a real leader, highly respected in our industry. I learned a great deal from Tony and feel fortunate to have worked with him for 29 of his 50 years with Hubbard-Hall

Andrew Skipp, President/CEO of Hubbard-Hall.

Tony’s legacy will surely endure beyond his fifty years with the company.