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A Better Way to Strip

Effective Paint Stripping Without M-pyrol

Good paint strippers are not hard to find. But finding a good stripper that does the job AND keeps everyone safer is a different story. Fortunately, Hubbard-Hall has developed the perfect match – Aquastrip CA.

Aquastrip CA Offers Powerful and Effective Stripping

With increasing regulations in mind, Aquastrip CA offers powerful and effective stripping while keeping workers safe and satisfying the toughest laws, like those found in California. Like Aquastrip AL, this alkaline liquid paint stripper quickly removes powder coating and acrylic coatings from all metal types, including aluminum. But what you won’t find in Aquastrip CA are phenols, acids, chlorinated solvents and M-pyrol (NMP), a solvent that is currently controlled in certain areas like Europe and California (Proposition 65). We’ve swapped that out with a REACH approved solvent that’s more environmentally friendly.