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2011 Outstanding Achievement Awards

22 Hubbard-Hall Associates Recognized and Appreciated

The end of the year brings more than just holiday cheer. It’s the time of year we give thanks and show appreciation for all the hard work throughout the year, and 2011 is no exception at Hubbard-Hall. A record-breaking 22 Associates were singled out for going above and beyond the call of duty. Each was recognized and presented our Outstanding Achievement award.

Awards were presented to the following: Nancy Aragones, Jim Benning, Arnie Bird, Lynn Burt, Mike Crocker, Jim Fallon, Adrien Gomes, Waleska Gonzalez, Wally Gruenwald, Marge Hart, Carl Jamerson, Irina Kadysheva, Mike Labeck, Tim Large Steve Manderino, Norberto Martinez, Henry McMillan, Linda Miele, Brian Reid, Patty Scappini, Walid Siman and Peter St. Pierre.