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2009 Awards Presented

Although 2009 was a challenging year for many businesses, it is always rewarding to see individuals maintain optimism and motivation. Like most businesses, our success is dependent on all of our Associates providing a positive attitude and going the extra mile to meet and exceed customer expectations.

In the spirit of the season, December is a great time to recognize the contributions of our Associates and individuals who excelled throughout the year. The 2009 Awards of Excellence were presented by Hubbard-Hall’s President and CEO Andrew Skipp to: Jenner Almanza, Cathy Cable, Peg Chamberlain, Lynn Cuttitta, Jeffrey Davis, Scott Feda, David Ingram, Carl Jamerson, Michelle Lineweber, Linda Miele, Scott Papst and Carmine Perrotti.

Award recipients (from left to right): Andrew Skipp, Peg Chamberlain and W. Sprinfield General Manager, Tony Sacco (right)

Award recipients (from left to right): Jeffrey Davis, Michelle Lineweber, Linda Miele and Lynn Cuttita