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2 Seasoned Pros To Lead Sales Force

Speed of response to customers goal of sales reorg.

A 2013 survey of our customers showed that “speed of response” is a key criteria when evaluating a chemical supplier. However, for the last 60 years, Hubbard-Hall’s sales force has been bifurcated. There was the Commodity Chemical Sales force, and there was the Specialty Chemical sales force.

It may have taken a while, but we finally realized that this structure was inhibiting our ability to respond to our customers quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, Hubbard-Hall’s Board of Directors recommended moving to a unified sales force, an initiative that was launched at the end of July.

What did we do?
All Hubbard-Hall sales are now rolled up under Senior VP of Sales, Gerry Mastropietro. Reporting to him are the two new director positions, awarded to Robert Messore and Scott Papst both of whom are accomplished HH veterans.

Who else is involved?
To the group above, add Senior VP of Business Development & Marketing, Jeff Davis, and we have a unified sales and marketing team working under the direction of Executive Vice President, Molly Kellogg.


What else do you need to know?

Robert is handling the sales team in the northeast, and Scott has the rest of the world. Well, not quite. Scott’s group covers from south of PA to FL, and as far west as our distributor on the West Coast. Robert Gardner, who truly does cover the rest of the world, will be working directly with Molly.

scott & robert
   Still smiling after all these years…. 56 years of combined experience solving customer problems on the shop floor. (Scott Papst (L) and Robert Messore (R)).
Scott Papst Rober Messore
  • 23 years at HH
  • Came to HH through acquisition of Mitchell Bradford
  • Expert in metal coloring, blending and stripping (the metallic kind)
  • Lives in SC
  • Favorite thing to do when not working:
  • Enjoying the outdoors, craft beers, and soccer.
  • Favorite Sales quote:  “Stop selling. Start helping”
  • 33 years at HH
  • Previously worked for a customer
  • Expert in plating and water treatment
  • Lives in RI
  • Favorite thing to do when not working: Playing wiffle ball and basketball
  • Favorite Sales Quote: “It’s not an order until it’s in your hand.”