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Emergency WWT House Call

AquaPure Industrial Wastewater Treatment

In the past two months, Robin Deal has carried out 20 House Calls.

Plating Shop Shuts Down Due to High Metals

Two weeks ago, Hubbard-Hall’s Technical Field Service Engineer, Robin Deal, received a call from a plating customer whose production had shut down and stopped discharging water due to high zinc, nickel and chrome in their  wastewater treatment (WWT) system.

Robin arrived on-site to carry out what we call a WWT “House Call”. The operator and Robin quickly discovered that the source of the issue was a chrome spill and unexpected cleaner chemistry dump in production.

Robin was faced with the challenge of treating these high metal levels in the wastewater:

Zinc Nickel Chrome
Metal Level Prior To Treatment, Parts Per Million (ppm) 24.8ppm 23.2ppm 3.2ppm

After completing jar testing and pH adjustment, Robin was able to determine the best way to treat the water. She switched their current coagulant to a coagulant that specializes in breaking the bond of heavy metals in water. Robin also added a metal precipitant to their process for additional help in breaking down the chelated water.

Process Changes:

Current WWT Product: AquaPure SC Plus – liquid polymerized aluminum coagulant.
Robin’s Product Recommendations: AquaPure I-300 – liquid coagulant that rapidly settles suspended solids & easily reduces chrome.AquaPure P601 – designed for use as a heavy metal precipitant.

After the new process was in place, Robin trained the operator how to implement this process and jar test the wastewater.

Results of wastewater with AquaPure I-300 and AquaPure P601:

Zinc Nickel Chrome
Metal Level After Treatment, Parts Per Million (ppm) 0.02ppm 0.11ppm 0.04ppm

Robin’s emergency “House Call” had the following results for our customer:

  • Within 2 hours – metal levels in the wastewater were reduced and the customer was able to discharge their water.
  • Within 4 hours – production was able to start running again.