In-Line Paint Stripping: A Value-Added Process

It is generally accepted that paint and powder coating processes suffer from the overspray that builds up on hooks, racks and hangers. Consequences include a drop in electrical conductivity, which reduces coating adhesion, and results in a poor visual appearance. The solution is to remove the build-up as often as possible, but that’s something many coaters find hard and expensive. Chipping, burning and blasting the excess buildup of paint and powder are slow, labor-intensive processes that end up damaging the hooks and racks. Furthermore, swapping out hangers and racks so they can be cleaned in an off-line process creates downtime which is another expense that most in the industry would like to reduce or eliminate.

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Excerpt: Have you considered how an in-line paint stripper can cut costs, improve quality and boost capacity? This white paper provides the results of an actual company that did just that, and realized a 67% reduction in the cost of racks, and is saving $300,000 every year.

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