In-Line Paint Stripping: A Value-Added Process

Overspray buildup on hooks, racks, and hangers during paint and powder coating processes can lead to significant issues, such as reduced electrical conductivity and poor coating adhesion, ultimately affecting the final appearance of the products. This buildup hampers product quality and necessitates frequent maintenance, disrupting workflow and increasing operational costs. Traditional methods of removing this buildup, like chipping, burning, and blasting, are labor-intensive, damage equipment, and cause costly downtime. These methods often require additional labor and resources, further straining the budget and efficiency of coating operations. However, incorporating an in-line rack and hook stripping process offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

This white paper outlines the following:

  • How coating process operators can save money
  • Enhancing quality through in-line paint stripping
  • Covering chemical considerations
  • Stripper reuse/recycling
  • System maintenance
  • Typical benefits

Download the white paper now to discover how in-line paint stripping can improve your coating process and reduce costs!

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Excerpt: Have you considered how an in-line paint stripper can cut costs, improve quality and boost capacity? This white paper provides the results of an actual company that did just that, and realized a 67% reduction in the cost of racks, and is saving $300,000 every year.

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