Can Water Replace Solvents for Metal Cleaning?

For decades, ultrasonic and mechanical cleaning has proven effective and efficient. Understanding and appreciating these cleaning systems is critical when deciding whether to replace chlorinated solvent cleaning. Updated federal EPA regulations and mandates have been major driving forces in the focus to replace cleaning with chlorinated solvents.

So why switch?
The most significant reason has been the environmental concerns and safety issues that have been identified with chlorinated solvents. Beginning with the ozone depletion discovery detailed in The Montreal Protocol. Further regulations stemming from the EPA and OSHA regarding air, water and soil contamination as well as worker safety considerations. All of which have increased the scrutiny on all solvent cleaning and provided alternatives cleaning chemistries an opportunity to gain more acceptance.

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Excerpt: With a combination of the right chemistry, equipment and cleaning process, water-based cleaning can be extremely effective compared to traditional chlorinated solvents.

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