What are White Papers and Why Should you Read Them?

Where can you find relevant, compelling user guides, step-by-step process instructions, and troubleshooting checklists? Maybe from a college textbook, industry article, trade association or even the library? Better yet scan through the Hubbard-Hall white papers to read real-life situations and instructional content designed to inform, educate and become your go-to resource. Feel free to download and save whatever you need. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will do our best to help.

Analysis, Observations and Maintenance

A look at procedures that contribute to satisfactory performance of most baths.

Black Magic™ The Science Behind the Magic

An introduction to Hubbard-Hall’s line of Black Magic™ products-a hot alkaline nitrate black oxidizing solution.

Causes for Off-Colored Black Oxide Finishes

A look at what can cause off-colored black oxide finishes and why.

Corrosion Prevention

Different steps in any given process can be critical to quality finishing as it relates to corrosion prevention.

Electropolishing Process Considerations

A breakdown of the electropolishing process and a highlight of its important aspects.

Filtering Cleaners: A Wise Choice

The benefits of filtering cleaners and available filtering methods.

How to Reduce Steps Required in Non-Ferrous Surface Cleaning

An examination of the benefits of organic acid cleaners and how they can reduce the steps in the non-ferrous surface cleaning process.

Laser B … A Start For A Brilliant Finish

An examination of Hubbard Hall's new deoxidizing and polishing process that leaves a brilliant finish without the labor.

Polymer Flocculant Preparation for Jar Testing

A guide to handling and using liquid emulsion polymers and powdered polymers for jar testing.

Safety in the Process Line

Selecting chemical process baths and treatments that are available with safety in mind.

The Importance of Rinsing in Metal Finishing Operations

An introduction to the electrofinishing process and the importance of every step, specifically rinsing.

Time is Valuable

Time management in the metal finishing industry.

Winter Means Heat

Problems, benefits and opportunities with different process tanks and solutions during colder weather.