Tiede’s 4 Recipes for Wastewater Success

Treating the Hard to Treat

Our Aquapure Technical Product Manager, Robin Tiede, will admit that solving the wastewater puzzle can take time and a lot of sleuthing but believes if you follow certain steps it can help reduce this time. In a four-part monthly series, Robin will provide recommendations and tools that can help shorten the time it takes to solve any upsets and will also cover some potential solutions to typical WWT issues.In the first installment Robin describes why it is imperative to begin with gathering the Data.

Part 1: Gathering Accurate Data

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The importance of gathering accurate data cannot be understated when it comes to Wastewater Treatment. In order to notice something is wrong or acting differently, you must compare baseline conditions to what is happening now. Information that should be on hand include the following:

1. Flowrate and hours of operation
2. Tank sizes
3. Baseline Information
4. Copy of permit
5. Log of upsets
6. Profile of Wastewater

Wastewater treatment is a dynamic system that is always changing. You must capture these changes – record the information- and compare to the baseline before they become upsets. This information gathering is the beginning of troubleshooting in Wastewater treatment.

Here is an example of what you could have on-hand for Baseline Information, the more DATA the better:

Robin T Chart part one

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