Process Audit Improves Cleanliness of Copper Anodes

IMC is a global leader in the manufacturing of anodes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and alloys. The company operates out of a $60-million, highly automated facility in Shelby, North Carolina with newly installed state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

Upon joining IMC as Vice President, Steve Leonetti reached out to Hubbard-Hall to improve the organization’s cleaning chemistry and process performance by replacing labor intensive processes with a LEAN process compatible with their new equipment. Additionally, it was imperative that the supplier offer access to a technical team that could become a trusted asset for the IMC team.

The recommended process from Hubbard Hall enabled IMC to reduce their old three-step cleaning process to one step by switching to Acid Brite 150 and Lusterclean 24 for copper pickling and vibratory cleaning.

Hubbard Hall’s technical team of Mike Valenti and Bob Farrell worked alongside Steve Leonetti and the IMC process engineer, Dan Gold, to develop an innovative process that ensured superior anode cleanliness, while maintaining IMC’s industry standard filming properties on phosphorous copper alloys.

Following the LEAN results for their cleaning process, IMC also entrusts Hubbard-Hall with providing them with industrial wastewater treatment chemicals.

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Excerpt: Through exceptional customer service and continuous and timely support, Hubbard-Hall provided solutions for IMC that resulted in better, safer, and faster processes for their cleaning and waste water treatment processes.

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