Metal Guard 450 HF

Metal Guard 450 HF is a low odor, nonstaining, waterdisplacing rust preventive with
excellent penetrating properties. That is applied to aluminum, steel, Stainless Steel, or
copper alloy substrates by spray, immersion, brushing, or flood coating.

Metal Guard 450 HF meets MilC16173 Grade 3 Specifications.

Metal Guard 450 HF is also used for protection against rust and corrosion on automobile
parts and accessories, sewing machines, firearms, fasteners of all types, small gasoline
engines, machine tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, and metal stampings.

Metal Guard 450 HF should be stored at temperatures above 55°F, if the Metal Guard 450
HF temperature falls below 55°F during storage, it should be allowed to slowly warm above
55°F before use, by storing it in a warm area.

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